5 February 2014

Flooding 2014

05-02-14 - The rain has been consistent now for a couple of months, showing no signs of slowing down and has caused devastation across Britain. Many people have had their homes destroyed due to the torrential rain so complaining about conditions from a fishing perspective seems a bit shallow so before I begin my rant regarding fishing I just want to highlight the fact that I am fully aware and saddened by the devastation caused.

My local lakes are in full flood and have been tapped off for safety reasons. The water is over three feet above the path connecting two of the main lakes and worry has set in with thoughts of escaping carp from my small fishing paradise. Although the rain has been consistent so has the mild temperatures making the fishing fairly pleasant for early February.

I have turned my attention to still waters due to many rivers being unfishable but am keeping a keen eye on water levels to hopefully get a few sessions in before closed season, the dreaded March 15th.
I am currently fishing a commercial lake for some large stripies posted below and hope to have a few winter carp sessions at Farlows and Thorney Weir however my main quarry this winter is large roach. Hopefully I can target these from a river before the closed season but conditions would have to improve dramatically for that to become feasible. Its looking like some long sessions on some large gravel pits and I cant wait. I will keep you posted, hopefully on my success and not failure.

Please post any information you have on the current condition of your river below.