In this section of my blog I will be looking at all the fishing headlines I come across that interest me. These are from a variety of sources including fishing magazines, newspapers and journals. Please feel free to browse my blog using the links to the right of the page and view some of my fishing sessions throughout the years.

The 3 - in - 1 fish - Tuesday, May 29th 2012

The article to the left was extracted from the Sun newspaper in May 2012. It shows a hybrid fish caught by an angler (Mark Sawyer) carp fishing on a commercial lake. The article states that the fish in question is a three in one hybrid suggesting that it is part roach, bream and goldfish. I however do not agree and feel this is a brown goldfish bream hybrid. The write up says this fish has a roaches head but I disagree and believe its a bream/goldfish head, anal fin of a bream and tail of a goldfish. Please click on the article to the left to enlarge and read clearly.

What do you think??? Please post your opinions below.

British Record Carp Two Tone Dead - Tuesday 17th August 2010

The article pictured left will be familiar with most of you avid carp fishermen. It is of course the death of the most iconic British carp Two Tone from Conningbrook Lake (Mid Kent Fisheries) in Kent. The fish is pictured here with Lee Jackson who spent nearly ten years trying to catch this elusive creature. His biggest weight was a British record of 67lb 14oz, an absolute lump of a carp. This was a sad day in carp fishing history but everything good comes to an end and this fish fufilled the dreams of many that were willing to comit there life to hundreds of blanks on an extremly hard water. Will another British carp ever exceed this weight?.

These recent years have also seen the death of the Manors (Essex) The Annie and St Ives Lagoons Fat Lady.