10 May 2010

Spring Tench Session

After a three day blank at Chertsey I decided I needed a bend in my rod so I set of to Beaver Farm Fishery to catch tench. I am not a big fan of the venue but the small pond right at the back of the complex holds some good tench and is usually fisherman free. I called my mate Karl and headed for a quick half day session in poor tench conditions.
The North East wind was still bringing in the cold weather but it was more a bit of fun than serious fishing. The pond is very small but holds some large tench to 11lb plus quite a few back up 5lb. Tactics would be basic waggler set up with 6lb line straight through to a size 10 specialist hook. Bait would be luncheon meat and sweetcorn, a tench favourite.
Karl was the first to catch and he landed a couple of small roach and a small tench from the swim next to be. I decided to fish a small patch of reeds in the middle of the pond which were constantly knocking about where the tench were moving through them. At about 12.00 the float finally slid away and I was in. I landed a small but perfectly formed tench of around 2-3lb. It put up a great fight on light tackle and reminded me of what tench fishing is all about. Can’t wait to do some more tench fishing this summer at some gravel pits I have in mind. I will keep you posted.
Tight Lines.

9 May 2010

3rd Chertsey Session

My third session at Chertsey came about quickly. I planned to use the same rigs that I had previously caught the common on during my last trip. The session was to be a long three day trip. On my first night I caught a bream which woke me up at 2am (Yuk). The session passed quickly and another bream went in the net and on the last day a double figure pike caught on a boilie! It was one of those sessions that didn't go to plan and I felt that I wasn't fishing at my best. As soon as I arrived the south westerly wind changed to a north east which brought the bad cold weather with it. I settled in the swim that I had previously caught my common which was a mistake. It seemed as though the fish were holding up in the deeper water. Steve the bailiff had a great 26lb common so they were still on the feed. I hope to get back down there as soon as possible so will update you on my next trip.
Tight Lines.